Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rabbit Cages

Some of the common things to consider: budget, size of rabbit cage, and style of rabbit cage. Still there are some more things to consider: Would wood , plastic or metal cage be better? Would you keep your rabbit inside or outside?

Would wood, metal or plastic be better ?

Rabbit cages made from plastic are lighter,cost less than wood cages. They are very easy to transport from one place to another, don't rot and don't require refinishing which would be needed with the other types. Wooden rabbit cages are more trendy, and they provide better protection against air and water. Metal cages are not recommended and most of the time is used for temporary purposes.

The size of the rabbit cage.

Choosing the most appropriate cage for your rabbit can be one of the most difficult aspects when buying a rabbit cage. But most of the time the user has to make sure that the size of the cage is at least most four times larger than the rabbit at adult size. If you have a bunny research the adult size and weight will be and then choose a cage.


If a rabbit cage does not have the proper ventilation, during summer days the air tends to become hot, creating a very dangerous environment for your rabbit. But is should be notes that most of the time rabbit cages are designed in a way so as to maximize ventilation.

The type of roof.

If you decide to buy an outdoor rabbit cage then you should most probably buy a rabbit cage with a slanted roof.

These are some general facts you need to consider when buying a rabbit cage for your rabbit. Animals love care and attention and one way to ensure that they are happy is to make sure that they have a suitable environment.

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